Before each session I hold a pre-photo consultation. This is done on the phone or through email. 

The pre-photo consultation consists of the following:
- Choose a location for your photo shoot
- Determine your vision and how we can work together to make it happen
- Allow me to give you details about the photo shoot
- Opportunity to answer any questions you may have

After each session we'll have an in-person consultation. I want you to feel comfortable in a pressure-free setting. I'm here to assist you in what you want, always being considerate of your situation.
The post-photo consultation will consist of the following:
- Follow up on your vision and plans for your pictures
- Ability for you to see and feel all the products we offer
- Take time to put together a custom package order
- Opportunity to answer any additional questions you may have

Most sessions are scheduled for approximately 1-2 hours. If you have small children, please bring juice boxes or snacks that might help your child if they start to get tired or hungry. 
If you are sick or have a schedule conflict, please call ASAP to reschedule. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your photo shoot so we can capture you at your best. 

Feel free to B-ExpressiveB-CreativeB-Fun, and always B-Yourself!