O Family ~ Colorado Springs

We had the opportunity to shoot the O family.  It was a perfect setting.  It was in their back yard. It was a chilly morning, the sun just coming up.  You couldn't have asked for anything better.  


Look at this girl.  She is BEAUTIFUL!  I can't wait till she is a Senior in High School.  She is definitely on my radar for photographing.


Arden M ~ Senior, Class of 2016

Meet Arden.  She is one of our Senior Reps, 2016.  We had the opportunity to do a few shoots with Arden.  One with her horses, Cookie and Parker, and then another out in beautiful Colorado.  

She is an amazing Hunter Jumper.  Her and Cookie and Parker, her horses, have competed in many events and have done very well.  

She is very active at school as well.  She is part of the Rampart Rowdies, the student section at all of the school sporting events.  She also loves to ski and hike.  Most importantly, she loves hanging out with her family as much as possible.  

Arden has the most beautiful smile and personality.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.